• Mrs. Fannon

APHG Online Learning 6/15

APHG Students and Parents,

Its our last full week of school! We will be wrapping up Unit 7.

This Week

* Monday: World Economy Inquiry (on Teams)

* Wednesday: Email Office Hours

* Thursday: Unit 7 FRQ Assessment – This is your Final (on Teams)

All assignments (including todays) must be turned in by Friday June 19 at Midnight for credit. On the progress reports sent out Saturday, anything marked “no count” is missing work.

The Unit 7 Assessment will by due by Monday June 22 at noon. I have to be able to grade them before grades are due. Just like the AP exam, you may use any of the the resources you have, EXCEPT other people. If you would like extra credit on your final you may complete the Ch. 9 and 11 reading guides posted to Teams. This is also due by Monday June 22 at noon.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful week!


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